Here are some great videos (posted on You Tube) of the historic Tony Trischka & SKYLINE.

The band was Tony T. (banjo), Danny W (guitar & vocals), Barry Mitterhoff (mandolin), Dede Wyland (guitar & vocals) & Larry Cohen (bass).

The first four are from TNN's Fire on the Mountain Show (circa 1982) which was hosted by David Holt.
We were all so young then... and thin.... sigh
Thanks to Bluegrass Library for these recent posts!

The last two are from the 1987 Philadelphia Folk Festival with Rachel Kalem on keyboards.
Thanks to Roy for posting these!

Tony's "Vanished" and a great instrumental,
by Stacy Phillips, called: "Don't Cry Tex"

"I Can't Believe" - a Vince Gill tune

Tom Harley Campbell's beautiful "Man in the Middle"
Our big gospel quartet

"Late to Work" - This Jim Tolls song
was our big set closer (and motto)

Bill Gurley's "Fire of Grace"

A medley of TT banjo tunes from his Hill Country album:
"Bloozinee, Stop Action & Brandy Station"

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